Run to You – covers of the Pentatonix hit

A little over a year ago a group called Pentatonix released an album called PTX VOL 2. One of the tracks was Run to You, a beautiful poetic A Cappella performance that has since been covered by many groups.

For this post I’ve chosen two exceptional and unusual performances of the composition. The first is by what’s termed a virtual choir. There are 48 singers from widely separated locations, mostly from the USA, but including some from other countries. They each recorded their part and then sent it to a technician for rendering into a cohesive video. It’s a wonderful example of how technology can make the unimaginable possible.

The second is by one of my favourite performers of sacred A Cappella, Sam Robson. In this Sam has recorded about eight different parts, and mixed them together.

The virtual choir’s arrangement is quite similar to the original Pentatonix release, whereas the Sam Robson arrangement adds more complexity.

I’ve listened to them both many times, and each time enjoy them more. Here they are:

Virtual Choir

Sam Robson

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