Prayer of the Children

In this post I have two wonderful a cappella performances of the Prayer of the Children written by Kurt Bestor. The arrangements are almost identical, but the results are quite different.

The first is by a mature, all-male chorus called The Great Northern Union. They’re based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of the United States. This is an amazingly crisp and full-bodied rendition of the prayer by about 60 of their members.

The second is perhaps more moving because of the age of the singers.  It’s the Sydney Children’s Choir, part of the Australian Gondwana Singers, an SATB group for boys and girls aged 14-16.

As always, adjust the video to high definition and listen on a pair of good speakers or headphones.

For the story behind the prayer, and the lyrics, visit a post by Kurt Bestor by clicking here.

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