Amazing Grace in four parts?

Who’s up for Amazing Grace in four parts?

I’ve found sheet music and practice videos for a rather nice version of the classic American folk song on YouTube.

The parts are soprano (lead), alto, tenor and bass. The lead part is similar to the one we’ve sung before. The other parts are simple and easy to pick up.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can go to the YouTube video and sing along. It’s a bit like karaoke. All you have to do is choose the part you’d like to sing from the links below.

First up though, have a listen to all four parts together. They sound great, and we can do it!

Now, pick one of the parts, click on the link, and you’ll go to the YouTube rehearsal video for that part.

Soprano (lead):

The sheet music is here on our download page, as are all the audio rehearsal parts. (You’ll need to log on to see them.)


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