A priest brings the house down at an Irish wedding

The priest is Father Ray Kelly from Oldcastle, County Meath. He has gained world-wide praise after the wedding video of him singing Hallelujah was posted online. The YouTube video has been viewed more than 39 million times.

He was later invited to sing live on the Irish Late Late Show (video below), was interviewed by Ellen De Generes on US TV and was signed up to perform two concerts in Ireland.

Father Kelly is clearly a priest with not only a good voice but also a sense of humour; what a wonderful memory for the bride and groom!

Notice that the lyrics are not the original by Leonard Cohen. which are quite strange and not at all suitable for a church setting. According to a BBC post, the modified “wedding-themed” lyrics were written in 2010 by a 10-year-old girl, Lucy Pitts-O’Connor. Lucy is quoted as saying she wanted to personalise the song for her godmother’s wedding. She added that Father Kelly had asked for the words and has been singing them ever since.

At the end of this post you’ll find a video of a wedding where Lucy Pitts-O’Connor sings the song. Check from about 55 seconds in for footage of Lucy.

Here is Father Kelly singing at the now-famous wedding service:

Father Kelly on the Late Late Show

Lucy Pitts-O’Connor sings the lyrics she composed.

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